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Is Your Acerola Cherry Powder Causing Constipation? Find Out Why And How To Fix It!!

Are you taking whole fruit Acerola cherry powder to get more real whole food vitamin c in your diet? If so, are you experiencing constipation? Has the volume of your bowel movements decreased after using the powder?

Well, you are not alone, because we use to experience this same annoying problem until we had an AHA! Health Moment and found a solution. We spent hours on the internet googling for the reasons why whole fruit Acerola Cherry powder was causing us constipation, but we could not find any info or solution to this fustrating problem.


After not finding a reason or solution to solve this annoying problem, we almost decided to just stop taking whole fruit Acerola fruit powder altogether. Let’s face it, we rather have frequent bowel movements opposed to taking in extra Vitamin C and getting constipated, because you can get extra real vitamin c from other whole food sources like Kakuda plum powder and Camu Camu berry powder.

In case you did not know, there are three fruits in the world that have the highest content level of real vitamin C. The top, #1 highest vitamin C content fruit in the world is the Kakuda plum (Gubinge), which hails from the country of Australia. The Camu Camu berry comes in at #2, followed by the Acerola cherry at #3.

However, unfortunately we also ran into a few problems while using these two other whole fruit powder sources of real vitamin c.

So what other problems did we encounter with the other two powders?

Well, first, we tried to buy some Kakuda plum powder since it’s number #1 on the whole food vitamin c list, but the price to purchase it and have it shipped from Australia to the U.S. was just to expensive for our budget. Next, we bought and used some Camu Camu powder, but just like the Acerola cherry powder, it also caused us chronic  constipation and low volume bowel movements.

Now listen, we are not bashing Camu Camu and Acerola cherry whole fruit powders, because certain fruits/vegetables affect different people in many different ways. These whole fruit powders carry an array of vital nutrients, antioxidants in additon to vitamin c. However, this post is just for people who are experiencing constipation from using these two whole fruit powders.

So why does some whole fruit powders like Camu Camu berries and Acerola cherries cause constipation?

We are not 100% sure why and we do not have any concrete-proof medical study to support it, but after our own personal trial-and error research, we have our own personal opinion and conclusion why.

Now, let’s break the current medical research down. Several medical studies conclude that taking high doses of vitamin c can actually help relieve constipation. Also, the fiber in fruits are supposed to help relieve constipation. If this is the case, then why are these two fruit powders causing some people constipation?

Can it be the fruit’s outer skin, pulp, or the whole food-real vitamin c in the powder? We think the fruit’s outer skin and maybe even the fiber in the pulp might be causing the constipation problem in some people. We do not think it is the whole food vitamin c causing the constipation problem.

Ok, how do you know this and tell us how you fixed this problem?

Well, after having an AHA! Health Moment about why are these whole fruit powders causing constipation, we decided to put out personal opinion and experience to the test by conducting another trial-and-error experiment.

After adding whole fruit Acerola cherry and Camu Camu powders separately to our smoothies daily for over a two-week period in our first test, (one week Acerola only – one week Camu Camu only), we came to the conclusion these two powders caused us constipation….. we just did not know what was causing the constipation.

In our second test,  we set out to see if it was the whole food – real vitamin c or the outer skin and pulp in the Acerola cherry powder causing the constipation problems. In this second test, we used only the juice from Acerola cherries instead of the whole cherries in our smoothies. Our results, within 2 hours of ingesting the Acerola Juice powder in our smoothies, we had a full bowel movement. Each day we tested the Acerola juice powder, we had the same results. Amazing right?

In comparison, we could not test the Camu Camu berry because we could not find a company that sells Camu Camu juice powder. Also, it is very hard to find/buy an individual Acerola Cherry juice powder supplement online in the United States, however, you can buy it from countries like China in the bulk if you can afford the price and shipping cost.

Don’t worry, we have some good news!

In our extensive online search, we did find only one good, reputable company selling Acerola cherry juice powder in the U.S. and it’s organic. After scouring the internet for hours. this is the only Acerola cherry juice powder that we found and use daily that does not cause us constipation. In fact, this powder relieves our constipation and promotes a healthy bowel movement daily, sometimes twice a day. Since vitamin c is water-soluble, what better way to get it than from the juice of the Acerola cherry. There’s only one difference between Acerola juice powder vs. whole fruit Acerola cherry powder. The juice powder has all the vital nutrients (vitamin c, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals) minus the fiber, skin and pulp of the cherry. The whole fruit Acerola powder has everything.

If whole fruit Acerola cherry powder is causing you constipation, then Acerola juice powder may be your solution. I know for sure it has been our solution to this frustrating annoying constipation problem.

Where can I buy organic Acerola cherry juice powder?

You can buy it from the only company we use and trust called Biofinest. We buy all of our superfood powders from Bionest. Biofinest’s Acerola cherry juice powder is fresh, clean, pure, organic and taste really good, especially in your favorite drinks or smoothies. Biofinest’s Acerola cherry juice powder has a 1020% percent RDA of real, non-synthetic, whole food vitamin c with the entire complete complex and mineral co-factors, including ascorbic acid, rutin, bioflavonoids, Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, Tyrosinase, Ascorbinogen, and other components. (Click here to buy the best Acerola cherry juice powder on the market.)

Check out Biofinest’s Acerola cherry juice powder product label below:

Click here to buy the best Acerola cherry juice powder on the market.

Click here to buy the best Acerola cherry juice powder on the market.


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